Request for comments of stakeholders/OEM on Draft QRs

Draft Qualitative requirements (QRS) forwarded by CAPFs are uploaded on the website of MHA as well as CAPFs for 15 days to receive comments of vendors and possible manufacturers to ensure market availability of the subject item. It also ensures that QRS of subject items would be generic in nature and not vendor specific. Hence, wide publicity of draft QRS to possible stakeholders/vendors is desirable.

Draft QRS and Trial Directive

Draft QRS and Trial Directive
1QRs/TDs of HF Manpack & Static Transceiver.Download (935.93 KB) pdf
2QRs/TDs of Studio.Download (1.98 MB) pdf
3Approved QRs of PTZ Type UHD Camera.Download (4.35 MB) pdf
4QRs and Trail Directives of PTZ Type Camera.Download (3.35 MB) pdf
5QRs of Passive Night Telescopic Sight for 5.56mm insas rifle and LMG.Download (67.8 KB) pdf
6Request for comments of stakeholders/OEM on draft QRs of Phase OTDR.Download (3.69 MB) pdf
7QRs/TDs of HF Manpack & Static Transceiver.Download (795.03 KB) pdf
8QRs and TDs of OFC Based Intrusion Detection System (ZB DAS).Download (5.2 MB) pdf
9Formulation of QRs and TDs of microwave Disinfectant System for Disposal of Hospital Waste (Bio-Medical Waste) of Composite Hospitals of CAPFs.Download (1.6 MB) pdf
10Revised QRs/Specification of Rucksack(70-85 Ltrs).Download (139.48 KB) pdf
11EXPRESSION OF INTEREST.Download (33.8 KB) pdf
12"Equipment/accessories for CCTV surveillance system".Download (772.53 KB) pdf
13 QRs and Trial Directives of Dog Van.Download (434.89 KB) pdf
14Hosting of QRs/Specification and Trial Directive on MHA website for 15 days.Download (576.11 KB) pdf
15QRs and TDs of Suspect Luggage containment vessel (SLCV)/Portable explosive containment system (PECS).Download (101.03 KB) pdf
16QRs and TDs of Hand held real time viewing system (RTVS).Download (70.52 KB) pdf
17QRs and TDs of half Body Suit.Download (145.64 KB) pdf
18Formulation of QRs/Trial Directices for High Powered Specialized Utility Vehicle Mountainous Region for ITBP.Download (649.32 KB) pdf
19 Placing of draft QRs and trial directives of target system with facility for interactive tactical training (FITT) on MHA website.Download (384.29 KB) pdf
20QRs Regarding " Expression of Interest".Download (1.49 MB) pdf
21Draft QRs of "Digital Night Vision Goggles (Communications Interface/Advance Version)".Download (1.06 MB) pdf
22Uploading of approved QRs/TDs of Communication Equipments.Download (532.65 KB) pdf
23Request for comments of OEM/stakeholder on draft QRs of DNVG (Communication Interface-Advance version).Download (1.2 MB) pdf