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» Internal Security Division 2


Internal Security -II Division




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  • SECURITY OF Individuals

Law and Order being a State Subject under the Constitutions of India, primarily it is the responsibility of the State Government concerned to provide security to a person, under whose jurisdiction such a person is ordinarily a resident or happens to be.
Security is provided on the basis of comprehensive assessment of threat by the security agencies. Such threat should predominantly come from militants or terrorists. However, due consideration is also given in cases where such threat emanates from organized criminal mafia or gangs.
Assessment of threat for a protected person is a continuous process and security arrangements for the threatened person are upgraded / downgraded / withdrawn / continued on the basis of such threat assessment.
There is a system of periodic review of the security provided to threatened persons on the basis of latest threat perception by two Committees, consisting of security experts as members.
State Governments are also constantly sensitized by the Ministry of Home Affairs about security concerning threatened individuals and their movements. In this regard advisories containing threat inputs are communicated to the concerned State Government from time to time as required.


The security of aviation sector has been particularly emphasized in recent times after the September, 2001 attack in USA. Therefore, acquisition of modern security gadgets and enhanced deployment of security personnel of CISF at airports has been given due attention, to prevent untoward incident. Besides, contingency measures have also been devised to deal with any emergent situation in consultation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, CISF etc. In addition to these, advisories are also being issued to further strengthen the security at all civil airports in the country as per the prevailing threat perception for them from time to time.
The security of Vital installations in the country is basically the concern and responsibility of the concerned Ministry/Department/State Government. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs advises them on security requirements of various installations from time to time on the basis of periodic review of existing arrangements by the Central Security Agencies. Beside, threat inputs received from Central Security Agencies about the Vital Installations are also shared promptly with the concerned State Government/Union Territory Administrations and requisite advisories are issued to them in order to further strengthen their security arrangements. Ministry of Home Affairs also provides specialized manpower, training and equipments to State Governments to strengthen the security.
Based on the threat perception and sensitivity, the Govt. Categorize such plants/installations into ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ category. Periodic security review of these installations is also carried out to further strengthen the security aspects.


The security of religious shrines / places in the country is primarily the responsibility of the concerned State Government / Union Territory Administration. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs issues necessary advisories for strengthening the security of such religious shrines/places to the concerned State Governments / Union Territories as and when any specific inputs are received in respect of them. Ministry of Home Affairs also provides specialized manpower, training and equipments to State Governments to strengthen the security.
Besides the above, Central Government also deploys Central Armed Police Forces, on the request of the State Governments concerned, to augment the security arrangements of the State Governments on important occasions such as Kumbh Mela etc.
State Governments have also been advised to set up State-Level Security Coordination Committees to formulate Security Plans for security of important religious places/places of pilgrimage and to implement and monitor the provisions of such Security Plans, in order to prevent any untoward incidents.



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