SR-No Title Downloads / Link
1 Annual Report More Information
2 Arms License-Form
3 Foreigners Division More Information
4 Freedom Fighters & Rehabilitation Division More Information
5 Police Division Forms
6 Foreign Hospitality (FC-2)
7 UN Personal History
8 UN Medical Standards for Peacekeeping and Special Missions(MS-2)
9 Kashmiri Migrants Prescribed Form
10 Foreign contribution regulation Act Forms.
11 FC-1A - Application for seeking Prior Permission to accept foreign contribution
12 FC-2 - Application for seeking Prior Permission of the Central Government to accept foreign hospitality
13 FC-3 - Yearly account of foreign contribution received and utilised
14 FC-4 - Intimation to the Central Government of Receipt of Foreign Contribution by a candidate for Election
15 FC-6 - Application for Foreign Contribution (Articles) Account
16 FC-8 - Application for seeking registration to accept foreign contribution
17 Correction Form - Intimation of change in Address and Bank details by Registered Association
18 Overseas Citizenship of India Form. More Information
19 Parking Label Form
20 Challan of requisition of Identity Card/Pass Validation Slips