Police-I Division

Division functions as the cadre controlling authority in respect of Indian Police Service (IPS) and also deals with the award of Presidents' police Medals for Meritorious/Distinguished service and Gallantry, etc.

Organizational Structure Of Police-I Division

1Organizational Structure Of Police-I DivisionDownload (406.62 KB) pdf
2Indian Police Service-(IPS)More
3Implementation of SPARROW application for IPS officers­ Generation and schedule for closure of e-PARs-Reg.Download (20.58 KB) PDF
4Implementation/adoption of SPARROW and PIMS system for/by IPS OfficersDownload (154.02 KB) PDF
5APAR writing in SPARROW in the case of more than one Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting Authorities for Indian Police Service officers-­Reg.Download (768.81 KB) PDF
6Implementation/adoption of SPARROW and PIMS system for/by IPS Officers Download (14.83 MB) PDF
7PAR Guidelines-Removal of discrepanciesDownload (202.67 KB) PDF
8PAR Guidelines-Regarding.Download (48.22 KB) pdf


1Important development, initiatives taken, new Scheme launched.Download (5.53 MB) pdf

Scheme Details

1Service eligible for Long /Short-term training programme under the Domestic Funding of Foreign Training(DFFT) Scheme.Download (8.34 KB) PDF
2Bureau of Police Research & Development. Download (43.53 KB) pdf
3North Eastern Police Academy.Download (10.8 KB) pdf
4Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorist School. Download (17.11 KB) pdf

Acts & Rules


1All India Service Act, 1951.Download (19.01 KB) pdf


1IPS (Regulation of Seniority) Rules, 1988.Download (26.91 KB) pdf
2IPS (Pay) Rules, 2007.Download (193.96 KB) pdf
3Presidents Police Medal.Download (114.52 KB) pdf

TRAINING 2017-2019

1ATA-IN17ASM-SLC01, Airport Security Management Senior Leadership Consultation at Washington, DC area (USA) from 20-24 August, 2018Download (1.18 MB) pdf
2ATA-IN17ASM-SLC01: Airport Security Management-Senior Leadership Consltation at Washington, DC Metro area from 20th to 24th August, 2018

Awards & Medals 2017-2018

1 Award of "Union Home Minister's Medal for Excellence in Police Investigation"-reg.Download (53.5 KB) pdf
2Award of "Union Home Ministers's Medal for Excellence in Police Investigation"-reg.Download (225.45 KB) pdf
3 Award of newly instituted Medal-reg.Download (15.66 KB) pdf
4Recommendation for the award of Asadharan Aasuchana Kushalata Padak-2018.Download (2.31 MB) pdf
5Collection of Service Medals and Gallantry Medals from ITBP, 22nd Bn, Tigri Camp, New Delhi-reg.Download (3.75 MB) pdf
6Award of Service Medals on the occasion of ID 2018.Download (121.1 KB) pdf
7Institiution of Home Minister's Medal for Excellence in Police Investigation-reg.Download (131.13 KB) pdf
8PPMG/PMG/PPM/PM on ID 2018.Download (253.42 KB) pdf
9Award of Galantry/Service Medals on the Occasion of Independence day 2018.Download (111.97 KB) pdf
10Utkrisht Seva Padak & Ati Utkrisht Seva Padak.Download (4.37 MB) pdf
11Asadharan Aasuchana Kushalata Padak.Download (2.75 MB) pdf
12Police Antrik Suraksha Seva Padak for J&K State, LWE & NE Region.Download (2.69 MB) pdf
13Union Home Minister's Special Operation Medal.Download (2.49 MB) pdf
14Gazette Notification for institution of New Medals.Download (4.15 MB) pdf
15Enhancement of Monetary Allowances for the recipients of President's Police Medal for Gallantry (PPMG)/Prime Minister's Police Medal for Life Saving.Download (415.22 KB) pdf
16 Institution of Home Minister's Medal for Excellence in Police Investigation.Download (341.42 KB) pdf
17Collection of Medals from ITBP, Tigri, New Delhi.
18Guidelines for Criteria of Physical/Medical fitness for awarding Police Service Medal to Police Officers-reg.Download (3.89 MB) PDF
19New Guidelines for award of President's Police Medal (PPM/PM).Download (853.1 KB) PDF
20Enhancement of the Monetary Allowances for the recipients of President's Police Medal for Gallantry and Police Medal for Gallantry.Download (299.03 KB) PDF
21Clarification for considering break/piece meal service for awarding Police (Antarik Suraksha Seva) Padak.Download (141.8 KB) PDF
22Presentation of Gallantry/Service medals (President,s Police Medal for Gallantry/Police Medal for Gallantry,President's Police Medal for Meritorious Service) to the awardees during ceremonial functions of Independence Day and Republic Day.Download (18.61 KB) pdf
23Proposal for award of Presidents Police Medal for Gallantry/Police Medal for Gallantry and comments on Joint operation cases.Download (321.64 KB) pdf
24Statutes and Rules relating to the Presidents Police Medal and the Police Medal.Download (114.52 KB) pdf
25Enhancing the Railway Concession for Police Personnel (60 years and above) who are recipient for President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service and Police Medal for Meritorious Service-regarding.Download (128.86 KB) pdf
26Details of facilities being provided to the recipients of Gallantry Awards.Download (1.97 MB) pdf
27Collection of Service Medals and Gallantry Medals from ITBP, 22 Bn, New Delhi.Download (3.46 MB) pdf

Police Medal Advisories

1Women's Leadership Institute (Training) at Canadian Police College, Ottawa, Novotel, Canada from 16 to 21 September, 2018-regarding.Download (1.07 MB) pdf
2withdrawal/forfeiture of President's Police Medal and Police Medal.Download (1.18 MB) PDF


1Issuance Of Computerized Pass for Air/Rail fare Concession to the awardee of Gallantry/Service Medal.Download (1.95 MB) pdf
2Form of Air/Rail fare Concession to the awardee of Gallantry/Service Medal Computerized Identity Cards.Download (44.6 KB) PDF


1Reconstitution of the North Eastern Police Academy Board.Download (14.05 KB) pdf


1IPS (Fixation of Cadre Strength) Regulations, 1955.Download (100.31 KB) pdf
2IPS (Appointment by Promotion) Regulations, 1955.Download (93 KB) pdf


1The Ground Seminar Training take place in Israel from 23 to 26 July 2018 (Cancellation of Course).Download (84.06 KB) pdf
2Fixation of Pay.Download (61.26 KB) pdf
3Implementation of the recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission.Download (178.82 KB) PDF


1appoint the following candidates who competed successfully at the Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2016, to the IPS (on Probation).Download (89.85 KB) pdf
2 Appoint the following candidates who competed successfully at the Civil Service(Main) Examinations, 2010, 2013 and 2015 to the IPS (on probation).Download (17.32 KB) pdf
358 NDC Course at National Defence College, New Delhi, from 8th January,2018 to 30th November, 2018-regarding.Download (317.55 KB) PDF
4NOTICE INVITING TENDERDownload (30.18 KB) pdf
5NoticeDownload (36.51 KB) pdf
6Distribution of IPS Officers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.Download (10.5 MB) pdf