Cyber and Information Security (C&IS) Division

Division deals with matters relating to Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, National Information Security Policy & Guidelines (NISPG) and implementation of NISPG, etc.

Organization Structure of CIS Division

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Cyber Crime Wing

  • Schemes on cyber-crime prevention and control.
  • Capacity building-Setting up of cyber investigation labs.
  • Schemes on prevention of Cyber Crime against Women & Children.
  • Best practices compilation and dissemination on cyber-crime.
  • R&D on prevention and control of cyber-crime.

Cyber Security Wing

  • Cyber security policy, strengthening of the cyber security breach of Govt. organisations.
  • International conventions on Cyber security and cyber-crime.
  • NISPG policy and its implementation/compliance in other government organizations.

Information Security Wing

  • Implementation of information security policy as per NISPG in MHA and its attached/subordinate offices.
  • Regular information security audits (internal and external).
  • Coordination with NIC for monitoring of traffic and logs.
  • Assessing security risks, planning and implementing steps to counter threats.
  • Cyber awareness programs and skill building of officials of MHA and its attached/subordinate offices.

Monitoring Unit:

  • Policy on lawful interception, audit of monitoring facilities.
  • Policy related issues of DoT/MeitY.
  • Coordination for Centralised Monitoring System.
  • Secured communication systems like RAX, SDCN etc.