Administration Division

The Division is responsible for handling all administrative matters, allocation of work among various Divisions of the Ministry and monitoring of compliance of furnishing information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 and matters relating to Secretariat Security Organisation.

Mandate of Administration Division

SR-No Title
1 Management of establishment of Ministry of Home Affairs (Proper) as well as Department of Official Language and Department of Justice.
2 Coordination of efforts in the implementation of the RTI Act in MHA.
3 The Secretariat Security Organisation in the Division looks after Government Building Security, the receptions in Government buildings as well as the issue of passes for regulation of entry into Government buildings.

Organisation Chart

1Organization Chart of Administration DivisionDownload (64.61 KB) pdf


1Identity Card FormClick Here


1OM regarding Appointment of Liaison officer.Download (28.08 KB) pdf
2OM regarding Appointment of Liaison officer.Download (22.11 KB) pdf
3OM regarding Appointment of Liaison officer.Download (16.37 KB) PDF
4Amendments to the provision of para 9 & 12 (ii) of guidelines for Issue of MHA non-official photo passDownload (21.44 KB) PDF
5"Anubhav" - showcasing outstanding work done during service - submission of details by a retiring Government employee - regDownload (66.76 KB) PDF

Recruitment Rules

1The Recruitment Rules for Group 'B' post in the Not-Statutory Departmental Canteen of MHA (P).Download (96.7 KB) pdf
2The Recruitment Rules for Staff Car Drivers (Special Grade) Group 'B' post of MHA (P).Download (137.21 KB) pdf
3Amendment of Recruitment Rules for the post of Technical Assistant in Dept of OL of MHADownload (223.03 KB) pdf
4Deputy Director (Implementation) (Hindi).Download (397.39 KB) PDF
5Library and Information Officer (Hindi)Download (257.24 KB) PDF
6Assistant Library and Information Officer (Hindi)Download (276.65 KB) PDF
7Library and Information Assistant (Hindi)Download (416.53 KB) PDF
8Library Clerk (Hindi)Download (199.47 KB) PDF
9Research Officer (communal harmony cell) (Hindi)Download (275.17 KB) PDF
10Investigator (Communal Harmony Cell) (Hindi)Download (282.62 KB) PDF
11Assistant Director (FCRA) (Hindi)Download (218.47 KB) PDF
12Accountant (FCRA) (Hindi)Download (247.8 KB) PDF
13Research Assistant (Work Study) (Hindi)Download (192.26 KB) PDF
14Assistant Director (Disaster Management) (Hindi)Download (298.51 KB) PDF
15Technical Officer (Monitoring) (Hindi)Download (396.58 KB) PDF
16Protocol Officer (Hindi)Download (305.23 KB) PDF
17Cashier (Hindi)Download (397.3 KB) PDF
18Assistant Director (Technical) (Hindi)Download (246.77 KB) PDF
19Technical Assistant (Hindi)Download (252.05 KB) PDF
20Proof Reader (Hindi)Download (247.22 KB) PDF
21Sub Editor (Hindi)Download (293.98 KB) PDF
22Junior investigator and Computer Senior (Hindi)Download (273.84 KB) PDF
23Recruitment Rules as per 7th CPC pay scalesDownload (1.01 MB) pdf