Principal Chief Controller of Accounts Org.

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» Principal Chief Controller of Accounts Org.

Principal Chief Controller of Accounts Org.

Organisational Chart

Secretary (Home) is the Chief Accounting Authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs and discharges his duty with the assistance of Financial Advisor and Principal Chief Controller of Accounts (Pr. CCA). The Principal Chief Controller of Accounts is the Head of the Accounting organization of Ministry of Home Affairs.

The accounting organization is common to all the Departments of the Ministry of Home Affairs and comprises a Principal Accounts Office, 37 Pay and Accounts offices stationed at New Delhi (16), Chennai (1), Ranchi (1), Kolkata (3), Shillong (4), Patna (3) and Lucknow (1) Jammu (2) Guwahati(1) Hyderabad (2) Raipur (1) Mumbai(1) Deharadun(1) and an Internal Audit Wing. The Principal Chief Controller of Accounts is assisted by Chief Controllers of Accounts,6 Controllers of Accounts 15 Dy. Controllers of Accounts/Assistant Controller of Accounts/Assistant Director(A/Cs), and 107 Senior Accounts Officers/Account Officers.

  • The office of Pr. CCA is responsible for:

    • All payments pertaining to Ministry of Home Affairs are made through Pay and Accounts Offices and Cheque drawing DDOs of various departments located at various parts of the country, including pay and allowances, office contingencies, miscellaneous payments of admissible loans, advances to Government servants and authorization of grants-in-aid, Loans to State Governments.
    • Preparing and accounting of Receipt Budget of the Ministry and monitoring the outstanding receipts, due to the Government.
    • Compilation and consolidation of the monthly accounts of the Ministry and its submission to the Controller General of Accounts.
    • Preparation of scheme wise expenditure and cash flow statements.
    • Arranging Internal Inspection of payments and accounts records maintained by the various subordinate formations and PAOs of the department.
    • The CCA is incharge of the Budget Section in the Ministry.

The spectrum of work, for which Pr. CCA will be responsible, in the revised outcome driven financial and accounting regime under the Scheme of ‘Integrated Financial Adviser’ are enumerated below:

  • Receipts, Payments and Accounts:

    • Accurate and timely payments in conformity with prescribed rules and regulations.
    • Timely realization of receipts.
    • Timely and accurate compilation and consolidation of monthly and annual accounts.
    • Efficient service delivery to the Ministry/Department by the banking system.
    • Adherence to prescribed accounting standards, rules and principles.
    • Timely, accurate, comprehensive, relevant and useful Financial Reporting.
  • Internal Audit/Performance Audit:

    • Assessment of adequacy and effectiveness of Internal controls in general, and soundness of financial systems and reliability of financial and accounting reports in particular;
    • Identification and monitoring of risk factors (including those contained in the Outcome Budget;
    • Critical assessment of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of service delivery mechanism to ensure value for money; and
    • Providing an effective monitoring system to facilitate and course corrections.
  • Other financial management activities:

    • Budget formulation including the ‘Outcome’ and ‘Performance Budget’
    • Expenditure and Cash Management.
    • Estimation and flow of non-tax revenue receipts.
    • Monitoring of Assets and Liabilities.
    • Disclosure and reporting requirements under Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act.
  • The Accounts organization is also responsible for:

    • Ensuring prompt payments
    • Speedy settlement of Pensions, Provident Fund and other claims
    • Compilation and submission of Monthly and Annual Accounts, Finance Accounts to CGA
    • Making available accounting information to concerned authorities for effective Financial management

The Pr. CCA’s organization discharges its above responsibilities through two basic units (a) Pay and Accounts Office (b) Principal Accounts Office.


    is the basic unit of departmentalized accounts organization. Ministry of Home Affairs has 37 PAO Offices located all over India. Its main functions include:

    • Pre – Audit and payment of all bills, including those of loans and grants-in-aid, submitted by Non – Cheque Drawing DDOs.
    • Issue of quarterly Letters of Credit to Cheque Drawing DDOs and post audit of their vouchers.
    • Compilation of monthly accounts of receipts and payments made by them incorporating therewith the accounts of the Cheque Drawing DDOs.
    • Maintenance of GPF accounts and authorization of retirement benefits.

    performs all administrative functions on matters relating to the Accounting organization in MHA. It is also responsible for all co-ordination function of accounts with the Ministry, CGA and other organizations.

  • The functions of Pr.A.O. in respect of accounts:

    • Consolidation of accounts of Ministry and its submission to the CGA
    • Annual Appropriation Accounts
    • Statement of Central Transactions
    • Preparation of ‘Accounts at a Glance’
    • Union Finance Accounts which are submitted to the CGA, Ministry of Finance and Director General of Audit, Central Revenue.
    • Payment of loans and grants to State Governments.
    • Rendering technical advice to all PAOs and Ministry; if necessary in consultation with other organization like DOPT, CGA, etc.
    • Preparation of Receipt Budget
    • Preparation of Pension Budget
    • Procuring and supplying cheque books to PAO/Cheque drawing DDOs
    • Maintenance necessary liaison with Controller General of Accounts office and to effect overall co-ordination and control in accounting matters and accredited Bank. Verify and reconcile all receipts and payments made on behalf of Ministry of Home Affairs through the accredited Bank, State Bank of India.
    • Maintaining accounts with Reserve Bank of India relating to Ministry of Home Affairs and reconciling the cash balances.

Internal Audit is one of the main tool worldwide for the Management to introspect the short falls and weak links of the system and with the same aim Pr. CCA office for the information of the Chief Accounting Authority is assigned with this duty.


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